Dominion World Outreach Church (DWOC)

Founded in August 2020, DWOC has as purpose to maintain public worship of God, to exalt the standard of Christian living and the leadership of our Lord, to lead the lost to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, to cooperate in spreading the gospel and extend the Kingdom of God throughout the world.

We are a family of Kingdom dominion citizens aiming to reach and transform the world with the Gospel of the Kingdom. We lay emphasis on outreach (Great Commission), family wellbeing, and empowerment of the individual. It is in this Church that all our outreach programs are conceived and executed.

Our programs run as follows:

  • Sunday: Worship Service, 8am
  • Tuesday: Counseling, 9am
  • Wednesday: Discipleship Class (Cameroon Wisdom Centre). 5pm
  • Thursday: Healing & Prayer Session, 5pm
  • 1st Day of the Month: Monthly Declaration
  • Last Sunday of every month: Family Sunday