Cameroon Wisdom Centre (CWC)

This is a discipleship Centre. In this centre, we develop model New Testament Disciples through an intentional discipleship process; trusting that they will in turn bring leadership and influence to their generation (Purpose) by influencing (work) our society (Families, Places of Work, Churches, Nation & other Institutions) with the principles of the Kingdom of God. They will be sent as Christ’s Ambassadors to evangelize, disciple and empower other Christians & institutions.

In brief, we assist people to:

  1. Grow in their relationship with God. (GOD)
  2. Build a healthy marriage / family life (FAMILY)
  3. Discover and build their career/ministry/gifts (WORK)

CWC offers courses on Marriage, Purpose, Vision, Potential, Assignment, Relationships, Leadership, Work, Influence, Gifts / Talents,  Skills,  Ideas,  Dominion, Character, Mentoring,  Power,  Management, Change, Environment,  Success,  Finance,  Order,  Crises,  Excellence, Salvation,  Healing,  Mind Liberty,  Freedom,  Prosperity, Discipleship,  the spirituals, the Kingdom of God etc.

Right now we meet once in a week at DWOC every Wednesday and online (30 Minutes from Monday – Friday) .

So far, we have trained disciples in the past eleven years and they are doing well in their areas of calling and their various institutions.