Level one provides the fundamentals of marriage and how as an individual the mindset you should before getting into marriage. It also provides an understanding of God’s purpose for marriage and the importance of singlehood.

Level one Modules

  • M101:  The Purpose of Marriage
  • M102:  Knowledge and Marital fulfillment
  • M103:  God’s Concept of Marriage
  • M104:  The Marriage Institution
  • M105:  Born Again
  • M106:  Preparing for Marriage (Golden rules for Kings & Queens)
  • M107:  Choosing Right in Marriage
  • M108:  Becoming the person you want to marry
  • M109:  Secret to Effective Relationship: Introduction to Singleness
  • M110:  How to Marry Young
  • M111:  Marriage Proposal
  • M112:  Kingdom Courtship
  • M113:  How to say NO to SEX before Marriage
  • M114:  Things no lady should do in the name of love
  • M115:  Your Vagina & Your Glory
  • M116:  Nudity in Relationship
  • M117:  Consequences & Solutions to Sexual Sin
  • M118:  Extra-ordinary Sex
  • M119:  Stages of Marriage
  • M120:  Laying a solid foundation for your Marriage / Family
  • M121:  How to know you are ready for Marriage
  • M122:  Vision & Marriage
  • M123:  Causes of Marital Delay
  • M124:  The Principle of Waiting
  • M125:  Marriageable traits & compatibility
  • EVALUATION / REGISTRATION into the next class