Level Four: Advanced Terminal

At this level, we discuss more advanced issues about marriage which are very critical. Find below the modules:

Level four Modules:

  • M401:  Acceptance in marriage
  • M402:  Balancing Sex, Marriage & Career
  • M403:  The Purpose of Sex in Marriage
  • M404:  Dangers of Sexless in Marriage
  • M405:  Asset most men look for in potential wife
  • M406:  Hard facts about Marriage
  • M407:  Things Happy couples do before going to bed
  • M408:  Habits of a Happy Couple
  • M409:  Daily life of a happy Couple
  • M410:  Bathing
  • M411:  What you should do when you are pregnant
  • M412:  What you should do when your wife is pregnant
  • M413:  What you should not do to your husband when you are pregnant.
  • M414:  Preventing the death of mother after delivery
  • M415:  The benefit of regular sex during pregnancy
  • M416:  A successful parent
  • M417:  Important things to know about Parenting
  • M418:  Key to raising Godly children
  • M419:  Parents & the Choice of children’s life partner
  • M420:  Mistakes parents make with adult children
  • M421:  Family Alter
  • M422:  Marriage & unwholesome words
  • M423:  A healthy Marriage Test
  • M424:  Divorce
  • M425:  The Lost of spouse & how to overcome it