Marriage and family counselor program enables you to assess, diagnose, and resolve issues in relationships, marriage, and families. If you are passionate about providing solutions to individuals struggling with premarital, marital, divorce, and/or family issues then you are at the right place. Click the register now button to start your registration process.

Post graduate modules

  1. Marriage Series Course (23 Modules)
  2. After you say, YES I DO
  3. Maximizing your marriage
  4. What being the head of the home means
  5. Showing respect to your husband
  6. Secrets of a strong marriage
  7. Saving your marriage from divorce
  8. Pillars of a successful marriage
  9. Respecting & caring for your husband
  10. Why marriages fail in the 1st year
  11. Persons you hurt when you have an affair
  12. Ways to enjoy your marriage
  13. A Godly marriage
  14. Building a happy & lasting marriage
  15. Errors marriage
  16. A good father
  17. A good man
  18. How to be a good housewife
  19. Feeding your marriage
  20. How to be faithful in marriage
  21. Habits of a healthy marriage
  22. Habits of a strong marriage
  23. Habits of a highly successful couple
  24. How to be happy in an unhappy marriage